Windmill Destroyed By Wind!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a great new start of 2015!

The last couple of days we didn’t had much of a winter here in Holland, but we had plenty of storms. Yesterday a windmill in our town even lost it’s sails!

The purpose of this particular windmill (build in 1565) went away when a neighborhood was created around it in 1965, but it remained as a monument and landmark for the area. The elderly owner of the windmill was all over the news yesterday because he was (naturally) devastated by what had happened. Two hours after the accident occurred I happened to be close by and decided to take a look and of course to take a few pictures.

Windmill destroyed Windmill destroyed 2 Windmill destroyed 3


3 thoughts on “Windmill Destroyed By Wind!

  1. What a terrible shame! A sad sight indeed – I hope the owner is able to get it restored. I think lots of the mills on the Broads used to lose their sails this way too. Wretched wind.

    Happy New Year to you Darren, I hope you had a lovely holiday!

    • Thanks Steven! It has been a nice holiday and a great opportunity to recharge my batteries. Hope you had a lovely holiday too!

      That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of windmills loosing their sails like this before. Already was afraid it would become a new trend or something. 😉

      • Glad to hear it. I had a nice one too, thanks.

        Yeah, quite a few were damaged by storms and gales, and it often spelt the end of their working life as so few millwrights could afford to have them fixed, so they were just written off and/or abandoned. (Norfolk Broads nerd here) I hope this one is back looking resplendent soon!

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