Picture Friday! – Pigeons Galore

I’m running late, but certainly didn’t forget… it’s time for another ‘Picture Friday’!

Pigeons Galore

Pigeons Galore

I’ve titled it ‘Pigeons Galore’ because of, well… all the galore. I mean pigeons! They were all sitting there (more then 60 of them) on the traffic light and I just had to take a picture before crossing the street. I took this one close to Central Park, near the Plaza hotel which you can still see in the background on the right. The building is probably best known for it’s appearances in Home Alone 2. A now classic movie from 1992 that also features a lot of pigeons. I might as well call this picture ‘Pigeons Galore before the Plaza hotel’ but it would probably confuse people because of the famous song ‘Pigeons Galore, Oh look there’s the Plaza hotel’. Yes… very famous. Now before you start to look up this song in Spotify, I want to wish you all a very nice weekend!


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