Picture Friday! – 1

Yes, it’s that day of the week again: Picture Friday!
Truth be told, it’s only the first picture Friday I’m doing, but a tradition has to start at some point. So let’s kick it off with the first picture:

Inside  NYC train

This picture is pretty self explanatory, but I took this inside one of the trains heading to Central Park during my first subway ride. The New York Subway is the busiest rapid transit rail system in the United States and the seventh busiest rapid transit rail system in the world. Well, it’s definitely difficult to argue that statement. But most of all, temperatures were extremely high below the streets, which didn’t seem to help at all to make the ride any more pleasant. Figuring out the whole subway system took a while, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that difficult. Apparently you just have to jump right in, head first, start swimming and not drown. You have to brace yourself when the train starts moving and hold on for dear life when it comes to a full stop. You did well, if you would still be standing upright or sitting in the same seat as when you began this wonderful shaky and loud journey. It finally makes sense why so many ‘Yankees’ (derived from the Dutch names Jan and Kees) are wearing headphones while riding the subway. When the train is in motion it seems nothing short of a roller coaster ride while there’s an earthquake going on with lights flickering on and off. The only difference is that you won’t hear anyone scream. Which actually makes it even more scarier. Sometimes you will be accompanied by people telling (yelling is more likely) their tragic life story while they beg for money. Once you are finally walking towards the exit, you will slowly start to be able to breathe in fresh air, until you’re outside, completely dehydrated, and somewhat close to your actual destination. You check if you haven’t been robbed of anything during the ride, starting with your most important and newly acquired possession: a water bottle and continue your journey through the most populous city in the United States that all of a sudden doesn’t seem to be that busy or loud anymore.

From now on I will be posting a picture (or a couple of pictures of the same subject) with a bit of blurb every Friday, that will help you get ready for the weekend. The first couple of times it will probably be pictures from New York City. A journey I never believed possible, but have been preparing for several months. I’m sure that this pictures on Friday tradition, will stay around for a long time. So I hope you’ll enjoy the ‘ride’! 😉


8 thoughts on “Picture Friday! – 1

  1. I’ve never been there but my uncle was describing the NY transport to me! We were trying to work out how come NY can do it so cheap and London is so expensive. Then he worked it out – it’s really hot and smelly and scary in NY! Love your photo and the description and I will look forward to your Friday photos.

    • It’s indeed very cheap to ride the subway there. It surprised me as well! I guess your uncle was right about the reason why. How else would people ever consider traveling this way. 🙂 I would still like to visit London someday and I’m already looking forward to using the underground there. 😉

  2. This sounds like a nightmare roller coaster ride! You were brave going on it. I think I would be very claustrophobic. Remind me to never try this Darren! I’ve never been to NY, except to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel due to an airline stopover and then back to the airport again! Looking forward to your weekly Picture Friday 🙂

    • I will be watching you like a hawk to make sure you will never have to travel this way! I don’t know about your taxi ride, but I had a feeling that walking would’ve been faster most of the time. Going from the airport to the hotel and back again, still counts as visiting NY in my book! And even though it’s been quite an adventure, I would still highly recommend visiting the city. 😉

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